Community Engagement

A total five Community Meetings were held as part of the Community Engagement process. Along with information sharing and opportunities for dialogue, a community survey was sent to all residents and business in Vinalhaven in Fall 2019.

Bruce Lockwood of Portland Research Group presented findings to the audience at the January 23, 2020 meeting. Among them:

  • The perceived importance of keeping as much of Robert Indiana’s artwork as possible on the island remains an open question.
  • Participants largely agree that the Foundation should implement initiatives that have a strong positive impact on the Vinalhaven economy.
  • most participants agree that Foundation initiatives should have year-round appeal.
  • More participants are positive about the Foundation collaboration with other organizations, with a priority given to on-island partners, such as the Vinalhaven School and PIE.

To view the presentation, please follow this link: Community Engagement presentation

The Star of Hope Board is grateful for the residents who shared their hopes and visions for the future.